It seems like every attorney on google will claim to be the “best” DUI lawyer, but what really makes a good DUI attorney? How do you know if the attorney you are looking to hire is any good with DUI cases, if you’ve never hired him for a DUI charge before? Well, one question to ask is what type of training does the attorney or lawyer have? Wouldn’t you want to hire a lawyer who has knowledge on the same training that the officer had on how to arrest a person who is supposedly driving under the influence? Only then would your attorney be really good at knowing what questions to ask and how to ask them.

Our staff has NHTSA training. What is NHTSA? NHTSA stands for “National Highway Traffic Safety Administration”. NHTSA standards on a DUI arrest are approximately 4000 pages of required procedures that must be followed by a police officer before and after making a dui arrest. If there was an error on your arrest, our attorney and investigators could find it with their extensive training on NHTSA procedures and standards for DUI arrests. Our attorney knows what the police are supposed to do, and he knows how to fight your DUI when the police didn’t do what they were trained to do.

We offer you our expertise, our extensive knowledge, and our desire to fight for your case. Of course, we offer what the other guys do, 10-day letter, ALS Hearing, and good old fashion well-thought out legal advice. Yet, we bring a little more to the plate. We strive to always stay on top of the new laws and regulations by constantly seeking to improve our own knowledge through classes, seminars, continuing education, and literature tailored to our practice areas. That’s how our attorneys, like Mr. Hall, continue to lead in DUI defense, receiving extensive DUI NHTSA training to give him the knowledge needed to fight the DA, prosecutor, the witnesses, and the police officers themselves.

The state will use scientific evidence in a DUI case. Our attorney can help you fight for your case, even when it seems all hope is lost, because he understands the science required to validate a DUI arrest. Don’t lose hope, call us to lend a helping hand with our knowledge on this complicated area of law.

Don’t settle for the cheapest attorney, find the best attorney your money can afford.  A good DUI attorney has the NHTSA DUI investigation training, experience, and creativity necessary to fight your case. Let us give you a peace of mind and the attention you deserve.

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